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Fekivasy Bidet Sprayer, 3 Packs Handheld Bidet Sprayer for Toilet with Adjustable Jet Spray for Toil

$ 69.99
Handle Material Stainless Steel
Mounting Type Wall or Toilet Mount
Finish Type Brushed
Material Stainless Steel
Installation Method Toilet Tank Mounted/Wall Mounted
Brand Fekivasy
Number of Handles 1
Part Number ‎EFBS10-03
Date First Available 2022/11/16
  • Quick and Easy Installation-Save Your Time: All installation kits for 3-Pack spray bidet are included, just make sure the water inlet diameter of your toilet tank is 7 / 8 inch. The bidets for toilets can be installed in less than 10 minutes without any professional help. You will surprise by the ease and convenience of our duchas para toilet and can’t help loving it.

  • Leak Free Design-Protect Your Home: Premium quality brass T-valve, innovative cone washer, and nylon nut design for bidet handheld are guaranteed leakproof. It can also avoid the risk of flooding your home. To ensure your satisfaction, if there is any damage to the bum gun for toilet, you can get a replacement.

  • Upgraded Explosion Proof Hose-Reduce Your Trouble: The upgraded hoses for Three Packs of diaper sprayer for toilet have dual protection. High-quality 304 stainless steel shell. EDPM tube is added to the inner pipe, which can effectively prevent the hose from explosion. Make the hose more durable and have a longer service life. No need to worry about the mess caused by the stainless steel cloth diaper.

  • Two Installation Methods-Enjoy Your life: Both toilet tanks mounted and wall mounted are available. The bathroom water spray is not only ideal for personal hygiene, but also for pet cleaning, women during pregnancy, baby cloth diaper sprayers, muslin shower, floor cleaning, etc. It will make the "dirty work" of cleaning the toilet much easier and enjoy your life.

  • Adjustable Water Pressure-Lighten Your Work: It can be changed from jet spray to soft spray to meet multiple uses by adjusting the water pressure of the diaper sprayer. Jet spray is used for cleaning floors, carpets, or baby diapers. Soft press mode for women's bath, baby bath, or pet bath. All the housework becomes very simple in an instant if you own it.